Julie McDougal, CertECBS VTCT MBTER
Bowen Therapist in Buckhorn Weston

Bowen Technique 1982 to present day

We do know that from 1982 Oswald Rentsch took the techniques learnt from Thomas Bowen and began teaching them in Australia and soon after New Zealand. By 1990 he was teaching full time, and introduced the Bowen technique throughout Australia and New Zealand, then North America and the United Kindom.

The Bowen technique is now being taught in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, France, Italy and Israel.

ECBS, Europe's leading and most established Bowen school has been providing training in The Bowen Technique in the UK since 1993. The Bowen Association UK also provides training.

Qualified Bowen therapists are registered in the UK by The Bowen Therapists European Register (BTER).

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