Julie McDougal, CertECBS VTCT MBTER
Bowen Therapist in Buckhorn Weston

What to Expect from a Bowen Technique Treatment


My Bowen clinic is located in a quiet rural setting on the edge of the village of Buckhorn Weston, just 4 miles from Gillingham and also 4 miles from Wincanton. There is plenty of parking space.

The dedicated Bowen treatment room is designed to be relaxing and peaceful.

First Session:

Expect this to last about an hour and a quarter. This is to allow time for initial information gathering and assesment. During the treatment some relaxing background music can be played. Many clients like this but some choose silence; The choice is yours. You may experience immediate easing of your condition, or just feel some changes, or not feel any initial change. I find at this stage that no reaction is not necessarily a bad sign.

Subsequest Sessions:

These typically take about an hour, or slightly less. I will want to discuss with you any changes since we last met and adjust my therapy accordingly.

After three Sessions:

Usually clients are experiencing significant benefit. We can discuss and agree the frequency of treatment which may vary from hardly ever to a regular session. If no benefit has been experienced then I would be recomending that you do not continue with Bowen treatment.

For further information, or to talk informally and in confidence about how The Bowen Technique may help you, or to make an appointment, please telephone me on: 01747-821651 or 07973-758106

Or email me: juliemcdougal@ineedbowen.co.uk

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